In Canada, drug and alcohol testing is usually conducted in situations where safety is a concern.

The most common reason that companies conduct drug testing in Canada is to reduce industrial accidents related to drug and alcohol use.  

There are situations where employees may be asked to comply with a drug or alcohol test. Testing is sometimes requested from new hires job. Employees may be tested either on a random basis or after a job accident. If employees test positive for drugs, there are often negative consequences, which can include being fired.

The  drug testing programs are effective in reducing accidents in the workplace. Some studies have found that employees who use drugs have higher job accident rates than employees who do not use drugs.

Drug Screening

7 panel urine                                     $65

Additional urine panels                    $5 each

6 panel saliva                                    $60


Other testing devices available upon request.


Laboratory conformations               $125



Alcohol Screening

Oral swab                                          $50                        Breath                                                $45        


Mobile testing available                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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