Respiratory Fit Testing


At Safety Wise Ltd. we believe that it is important to protect the health & safety of our work force. People come in different shapes and sizes, as do respirators. This results in variety of physical dimensions and features of both people and respirators. The ability of a respirator to form a seal  between the wearer and the contaminated environment may be affected by these. If the respirator-user match (fit) is not checked, an unsatisfactory seal may unknowingly exist. This could allow leakage of airborne contaminants into the wearer's breathing zone. 

A fit test is used to assess whether a specific type, model and size of respirator can adequately fit a specific individual.  Another reason for the fit test is to find out if the test subject knows how to wear the respirator properly.

At Safety Wise we recommend respirator fit tests on employees at least every 12 months. Proper respirator fitting and maintenance protects workers from inhaling dangerous substances such as harmful pollutants in dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases, vapors, sprays that have the potential to cause serious illness, or even death.

There are numerous reasons that could diminish the effectiveness and fit of a respirator:

  • Weight gain or loss.

  • Dental work or facial surgery.

  • Significant scarring in areas that seal meets skin.

  • Facial hair (beard, goatee, mustache)

  • Glasses or protective eye-wear

With Safety Wise LTd's mobile testing service we can potentially test dozens of people in a single day either at your work site or at our office.


What is Quantitative Testing?


This method of fit testing uses a machine that is attached to any tight fitting respirator and doesn't rely upon your senses. Controlled Negative Pressure is used, a fixed vacuum is created on the face piece with special adapters that then measure air flow or leak rate.

What we use:

At Safety Wise Ltd. we use a PortaCount 8040 which provides a consistent and objective testing experience across respirator types equipped with ≥99% efficient filters. Start testing immediately, we have everything needed for accurate, easy, fast, and flexible respirator fit testing sessions.

PortaCount FitCheck Mode™ shows in real-time how respirator fit changes throughout donning and adjustment, helping users select the right mask and identify the best fit more quickly. Video animations guide staff through proper fit test exercise movements during a fit test. 


What we test:


  • Quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFT)

  • Half-mask fit testing

  • Full-face fit testing

  • SCBA fit testing

  • Gas mask fit testing

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